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The Way Home is into the Heart

December 6, 2010

1) God in His infinite mercy has sent Archangels, Fairies and LightWorkers in Human Form to heal and lift up the women of the planet. It is for women to be healed and in turn to heal the world around them. As Womankind returns to right orientation, the Earth herself returns as well. As Earth is returned to righteous function, the extinct animal populations and creatures of myth are safe to return. As we all are restored to our rightful place in the Cosmos, our singing voice joins the universal chorus of praise and gratitude to the Creator.
The direction of Heaven is generously available to any and all, though not now generally experienced as such by Womankind. Healing and Clearing each heart of any and all obstructions, returns each woman to full integrity within her own heart and thus, the heart of her Creator. Each one rises to her natural station in life, filled with the bountiful gifts of spirit. As each woman experiences her heart as filled with Love, Truth, Joy & Power, it naturally spills out into the world around her, healing all within her sphere. The Substance of the Earth is transformed, lifted and united with the Substance of Heaven and all is returned to Natural Order.
As each woman is healed, she becomes a Healer, and may choose to be ordained as such by the Sanctuary of Inner Light.
Every human on the planet, in addition to the natural senses of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing, has the spiritual counterpart of each of these senses. Because of the harsh conditions of life on earth as we know it now, our natural abilities have become almost completely divorced from our awareness. Known as Subtle Senses, we all have Spiritual Sight, Spiritual Knowing, Spiritual Touch, Spiritual Hearing. These Subtle Senses extend both into the future and past of this Third Dimensional Reality.
Though there has been an unbroken Golden Thread of heavenly presence on the planet from its beginnings, there are now an unprecedented number of Higher Order spiritual beings in human form. This is provided now because the world is returning to its natural, 4th dimensional state, as the 3rd dimension implodes in self-destruction. The world of Form is absolutely remaining, however the world of ‘Past and Future’ is dissolving into the ever-present Now. Past and Future are merely devices created by humans to avoid being present to their Creator, their Self, and their Power. As all reasons for distractions disappear, the attention is ever more present, and ‘in’ the present.
While the illusion of separation from Source yields the chaos of the world we see now, the Reality of 4th dimensional existence is eternally present and instantly accessible. Examples of Fourth Dimensional qualities are:
Each Human woman now on the planet has her own Masculine Counterpart, or Guardian Angel in the spirit realm. He is awaiting her uncovering of her own true heart connection, and thus her connection with him. And in experiencing her connection with her own Guardian Angel, she is thus connected through him to Divine Source. In this way, each woman experiences the security and serenity of her rightful place in the universe.
The Feminine Energy is Truth. Her Masculine Guardian Angel is Love. As Truth responds to Love, comes into union with Love, and allows herself to be subject ONLY to Love … the two create Life between them. The Life and Joy created overflows from her heart and into the world around her.
Archangels – Archaeon are the Masculine and Archeia are the Feminine form are, along with Angels, the creators of this world.
Fairies are created through the lineage of certain archangels; creating a bridge between mythological creatures, extinct creatures, mineral kingdom, fairies, elves, earth spirits. you’re a bridge & connecter. woods & water


Archangels in Human Form on Earth – Can it be?

September 17, 2010

Yes, Archangels are living and working along with everyone else on the planet -right now.  In fact, there has never been a time on Earth when we were not here – helping.  But now more than at any time in our past – even counting the time before the destruction of Atlantis – Archangels are here in force.  We are here to help human inhabitants survive the transition to a higher way of being.  This is necessary because the Earth herself is transforming – and without help, no human would survive.  But before I go any further, I want to make one point very clear:  When I speak of  ‘survival’, I am speaking of the human form – NOT the human spirit.  The human spirit is eternal, and when it dies in body, it still lives in spirit – and is fully capable of returning to the planet at any time – and any place it wishes.  Many are choosing to leave the planet now, and they will return at the time of their choosing, after the Transition most likely, when things are settled down.

Specifically, there are over 18 million Archangels – both male (known as Archaeon) & female (known as Archeia) – inhabiting the planet right now.  In addition to these, there are 180 million LightWorkers.  Though there are many definitions of the term LightWorker, for my use, these are spirits from other planets born into human bodies who are also here to help in the transition.  In total, LightWorkers & Archangels comprise about 2% of the earth’s total population.

Why does it matter? Well, it matters because if NO humans were to survive the transition – we would have a lot of work to re-do.  The creation of the Earth and its beings was a monumental task, and rather than repeat it, it’s ideal that the human body remain in existence.  But I have very good news!  Many, many humans have already ‘ascended’ and come into and out of form at will.  There is no longer any danger of extinction.  Now it is just a matter of how many want to stay and help, and how many would prefer to sit this phase out – returning at another time.  Either way, there is no judgment!  It is as simple as this – if you are enjoying yourself here and you want to stay and play longer – it’s delightful to have you.  If you are not enjoying yourself here and you would like to leave for awhile – go with blessings, thanks and appreciation for all you’ve done.

Through a process of clearing & healing I have developed, I have been privileged to recognize hundreds of Archangels and LightWorkers;  and this is just here in my local area.  Depending on their circumstance – some I have told of their true nature – but most I have not.  I fully trust my intuition as to who, when and what to tell.

My purpose here now:

  • Tell the good news about the Transition
  • Instruct & show how to heal the scars of living
  • Live in 4th & 5th Dimensional reality – to show how anyone can do the same
  • Clarify the confusion around Archangels and their function

No Bad Energy

January 22, 2011

There is a fear and confusion about good energy and bad energy.  We feel that some people have a lot of good energy, and we like to be around them.  Other people we feel have bad energy and we feel drained or upset in being with them, so we like to stay away.  Good news – there is no such thing as bad energy.

What we feel as ‘good energy’ is really just energy that is unblocked and flowing freely.  This  feels good within us and good to be around in other people.  What we feel as ‘bad energy’ is really just blocked or stagnant energy.  A perfect analogy is water – water when flowing freely in a river or ocean is alive, clean and uplifting.  The same water when pooled in a stagnant form where bacteria and toxins collect can be unhealthy;  Yet the water itself is the same, once the toxins and sludge are removed, it is again healthy and uplifting.

So, why do some people feel full of good energy, and some full of bad?  It is a matter of percentages – how much of their attention is pulled out of the present moment and into some negative event of the past or future.  An important note is that it is the ‘entirety’ of their attention – both conscious (about 10% of our awareness) and sub-conscious (the remaining 90% of our awareness).  Except for a very small handful of people on the planet, we all function daily with about 10% of our attention focused on the present moment – and the remaining 90% focused on the stagnant places in our bodies that hold the energy of various unresolved traumas and overwhelming events from our lives.

So, you’re probably wondering where this stagnant energy is held – and why you haven’t noticed it with your conscious mind.  Each person holds the stagnant, toxic energy in places unique to themselves.  But clues can be gained by noticing areas of discomfort or pain in the body;  or areas that don’t function as well as they could.   Maybe the neck or stomach holds a lot of discomfort;  Maybe digestion or elimination isn’t optimal.  It’s safe to say that most, if not all physical ailments are caused by emotional distress brought on by unresolved trauma.   The location of the distress is a perfect analogy to the nature of the distress.  Pain in the feet can indicate fear of moving forward, carpal tunnel syndrome can show a tendency to over-control things.

In the coaching I do, I teach a simple process of focusing attention on the various places within the body, therefore allowing the energy stored there to release.  At the moment of release, a transformation takes place – stuck and stagnant energy becomes free-flowing and alive again.  The energy is released again in to the larger pool where it can continue to function in a normal way.

As this process is repeated in the appropriate ways, the attention is also released from the past, and allowed to be in the present moment – as is natural.  So, bit by bit, the percentage of attention in the present increases, until the person is fully present, fully available to each present moment.

Fear of Living

January 15, 2011

I received a note from a client recently, saying that her fears were due to a lack of money and lack of employment.
Let me re-order ’cause’ and ‘effect’ here.  The lack of money and lack of job are DUE TO fear of Living… they are not the CAUSE of the Fear.  Fear of living has caused a lack of money and lack of job;  Another way to say ‘fear of living’ is to say ‘desire to die’.  When we put it that way, we may recoil, saying, “I don’t want to die!”…. which is true.  So in effect, we are equally afraid of living and of dying… and end up treading the line very carefully – Most of us end up living half-heartedly;   a little bit sick, a little bit lacking in money, a little unhappy in our relationships.  When we go too far out of balance – too sick or too well; too poor or too rich; too happy or too unhappy; we become more aware of our fears, and either sabotage or build ourselves up – depending on what is needed to bring us back to perfectly straddling the fence of ambivalence towards life.  What is called for here is very rare in the world, it is to remove ALL barriers to fully embracing all the wonder and abundance of life.
There is a fundamental misunderstanding of what ‘Life’ is;  many times when something bad or unpleasant happens, people will pipe up saying “well, that’s life!”  Actually, that is NOT life, that is death.  We are never standing still.  We are always moving – either ascending to greatness or descending to oblivion.  Anything that does not promote life and abundance is actually promoting death and deprivation.
So, our work is to release all stuck and stored energies from all the traumas ever experienced by us, so that we may be drawn solely to Life and Abundance.  Any stored traumatic energy will continually magnetize situations to us that mirror the original trauma;  the body does this in an ongoing attempt to rid itself of the stored toxic energies.  Its strategy is to put us into these toxic situations over and over, until finally we release the stored energies and gain the experiential wisdom needed.
For example, let’s say that the toxic situation is that we continually feel compelled to run out into oncoming street traffic.  It’s obvious that this is detrimental to our Life, and certain to cause death at some point.  But let’s also say that for some reason we have not yet released the traumatic energy that keeps pulling us into this situation.  So we keep finding ourself  running into oncoming traffic, over and over, until we release the original energy and are able to realize the danger.  Once the situation is acknowledged for what it is – dangerous – the wisdom of the experience has been gained, and we are no longer drawn to run into traffic.
Likewise with any toxic situation or belief, until the original traumatic energy is released, we keep putting ourselves in similar situations.  Over and over this is done  in an attempt to release the energies.  When it is finally released, the body is free to follow its natural and original inclination toward Life and Plenty.  We don’t have to learn how to be prosperous and joyful, that is our natural state of being;  We simply need remove the toxic barriers that keep us focused on deprivation and lack.

Mercury Retrograde

December 14, 2010

There are many fears, misunderstandings and superstitions related to ‘Mercury Retrograde’.  Many times it seems people just throw up their hands and say ‘oh well, nothing will go right for this next period of time’.  In speaking to my friend the massage therapist, she tells me that Mercury retrograde is tied in with people feeling more pain.  I feel there is a relationship.

Retrograde is a time given to us to clean out our emotional closets, in preparation for the next ‘moving forward’ cycle.  But in focusing instead on the trouble caused by malfunctioning machinery, we can miss a wonderful opportunity to clean our emotional landscape with an assisting oomph from the universe.  Our entire world is a mirror of us as we function within our world.  In particular, our cars and computers are highly analogous to our lives.  So, when we miss the opportunity to clear out old stuff, the machineries break down as another way of saying ‘the old stuff is not serving you, please clear it out’.

Likewise, pain is the body’s last response to an unworkable situation.  It is the body’s way of saying, ‘Please look at this and resolve it, I am out of options!’    So, rather than focus on pain as something to be gotten rid of, and machinery malfunction as an annoying setback… look at what the message might be.  For a hurting foot… ‘what is holding me back from moving forward’;  For a lost internet connection, where have I lost touch with my source?  For a leaky faucet – where are my emotions out of control?  For a broken alternator (in our car), whose function is to recharge the battery, ‘how can I recharge my emotional batteries?’

As we let our imagination wonder about the right function of any given body part or machine, we can find a clue as to what has gone astray, and put it right again.  We can be thankful for retrograde times, as these are universe-assisted times of clearing.  In fact, to try to move forward during these times is counter-productive.  Take things in their right cycle, flow with Life, and don’t try to push or steer the River.

Love + Truth = Life

September 18, 2010

Information coming soon …

Twin Flames Chamuel (Justice) and Charity

September 18, 2010

Archangel Chamuel embodies Justice.  Justice is the natural law of cause and effect – reaping what we sow.  The world as we know it today is a painful and confusing place, and most are not happy in it.  And yet the world as we see it is a perfect reflection of the actions that we all have taken for the past many thousands of years. We have built our lives and civilizations on the concept that we can ignore the inner knowings of our heart.   Many are wondering now, how can we return to wholeness?  Chamuel is here to assist us in our path.  The level of joy and satisfaction with your life are the indicator of how closely you have been true to your path to this point.  Fortunately, the way home is easy and well-lit.  It is our own inner knowing – and though we have carefully ignored it for most of our lives, it still lives on – waiting to lead us home to a life of joy, fulfillment and purpose.

Charity is empathy and compassion combined.  Empathy is the ability to feel the pain of another while knowing they are fully capable to release the pain and live in joy again.  Compassion is the strong desire to help those in pain to experience the truth of their being – and knowing from the experience of one’s own life that Truth is always Beautiful.  There are many ‘ugly facts’ that exist in the world today – but that does not make them true.

The power to dissolve ugliness lies within each one of us.  It is simply to tend to our own garden – clean our own inner landscape.  With that, the world around us magically transforms into the place we want to live.

Twin Flames Gabriel (Renewal) and Hope

September 18, 2010

Archangel Gabriel carries the vibration of renewal.  He calls our attention to the dreams, visions and longings of our heart.  We may hear him through the quiet voice of intuition, or see a  meaningful ‘sign’.  If we don’t pay attention to these quiet suggestions, we may try to keep plowing our way on the path we’ve set.  Yet increasing discomfort, maybe escalating to pain or even loss is the natural consequence of ignoring our inner knowings.  Yet, the Spirit of Renewal is always within us – waiting for us to stop fighting the river – give up our willful attempts at control – and begin to flow with the natural course of our life.

Hope is the natural partner to renewal.  Hope comes when we abandon our resistance to change and happily give ourselves over to what Life is asking of us.  Hope is the buoyant feeling in our heart that we can trust Life, because we are not trying to have it our own way.  Hope cannot live when we try to manipulate our lives and the world around us.  Why is that?  It’s because deep inside, we are very well aware that we cannot possibly know all the factors necessary to make things come out as we would wish.  There is simply too much we do not know.  And yet, we can build our capacity to trust – and in that trust, Hope springs eternal.